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New to CrossFit or looking for a new box to call home? Join us at the beginning of the 2021 CrossFit season!


Kicking off with the CrossFit Opens 12th March 2021, we will be hosting Friday Night Lights each Friday during the open season as well as repeat Mondays. Find the supoprt you need to smash your goals, cheer on those around you and enjoy the opens for what they are - an opportunity to test your limits and celebrate just how far you've come. 


Want to join us for the whole CrossFit Opens? We have a FREE CrossFit Open Membership at SiSU for the duration with access to all of our 2021 Opens Classes so that you won't have to go it alone! 

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Our classes 


Our CrossFit program is designed for people of all backgrounds, ages, skill and fitness levels and combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, functional movements and cardio. The work-outs are different every day and each work-out can scale to cater for all levels of fitness and abilities.


The ModWOD class follows the same program as our daily CrossFit classes. It breaks down each class with extra explanations of movement and focuses on technique and good movement. We think these classes are perfect if you’re new to CrossFit or are returning from a recent injury and need to modify your workout more than what is offered in our daily scaling options.


Our Move 45  classes are all about training at a high intensity. This 45-minute class mixes traditional cardio exercises such as skipping, running and rowing with metabolic complexes such as jump squats and burpees and resistance training.


Our Essentials class is focused on developing the “core” or foundational elements of movement. The class incorporates elements of pilates, yoga and strength training and specifically focuses on corrective movement patterns to help you build a strong and resilient body.

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