New to SiSU?

Feeling a little overwhelmed?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you!

Plus look at those friendly faces!
We understand that starting something new can be scary and somewhat overwhelming. Especially when they use words and acronyms that you’ve never heard of before like WOD and snatch and Rx (we’ve added a glossary at the bottom of this page to help you out!).
We want to assure you though that starting your health and fitness journey with us at SiSU is anything but scary. While we will help you set goals to challenge yourself and its likely you’ll step out of your comfort zone a few times our staff and our community are here to support you every step of the way. We have a saying here at SiSU that ” no one falls through the cracks”.
We’ve put a little more information below to help you feel a bit more confident the first time you step into SiSU. However if you’d like to chat to one of our staff we love answering questions and sharing our passion for what we do. You can catch us on the phone on (07)3471 2802 or email us at hello@wearesisu.com.au.

How to start? 

We suggest you sign up for our 7 Day FREE trial. That way you can try us our and see if we’re the right fit. To sign up you can either give us a call on (07) 3471 2802 and we can sign you up over the phone. Alternatively you can sign up online here. Just click the link, pop your email address in on the right hand side and follow the prompts. Don’t forget to click sign up at the end!

What happens next? 

After you sign up one of our friendly coaches will give you a call or an email to arrange an introduction session. This is a 30 minute session where we chat to you about your current exercise routine, health history and your goals for training. Want to get started with classes straight away? No problems! We know when motivation hits you need to run with it – we can do your introduction session anytime during your first week with us.



Understanding Our Classes 

We currently offer four different class types at SiSU, including CrossFit, ModWOD, Move45 and Essentials.

CrossFit is a 60 minute class that incorporates a combination of strength, cardio and gymnastics/body weight exercises.

ModWOD is a modified version of our daily CrossFit class. This class is run by our resident physiotherapist and is perfect for beginners, people with injuries or if your a little nervous about starting. This class is kept really small so you have our physio standing next to you helping you out the whole time.

Move45 is a high intensity class combining cardio and some light resistance exercises. This class will make you huff and puff!

Essentials is a slower paced class compared to our other three classes. It focuses more on core and balance. It is a combination of Pilates, body weight and light resistance exercises with a bit of stretching as well.

To learn more about our different class types click the button below!


See a term you’re unfamiliar with? Check out our glossary below.

Its hard enough learning new exercises but when the coach sounds like they’re speaking another language it can be hard to know whats going on!

Here are some of the most common phrases you’ll here in class:

WOD = Workout Of the Day.

WOD is just the term we use for that day’s CrossFit workout. Each day there is one WOD and that WOD is scheduled for every CrossFit class on that day.

ModWOD = Modified Workout of the Day. 

Our ModWOD classes are individually modified for people who are either new to CrossFit or currently recovering from injury but still want to participate in our classes. If you just need to scale ( make the exercises easier ) our coaches can do that in a regular CrossFit class, but if you need to swap whole exercises out then ModWOD might be a better fit for now.

Rx = as prescribed. 

Each class has a pre-programmed workout with exercises, number of repetitions or rounds and the suggested weight (if applicable). If you do the workout exactly as written we call this Rx. If you need to make any modification or changes o the workout, we call this scaled (see below).

Scale = making things easier. 

There is a saying in CrossFit that says “program for the best, scale for the rest”. Our WODs are HARD! Sometimes you might not be able to do every exercise in a WOD Rx. Not because you’re injured or because you don’t know how but simply because you haven’t mastered that skill yet. This is where we would make the exercise easier which we called scaled. We can scale in lots of different ways, below are a few examples.

Scaling volume: Rx = 500m row      Scaled = 250m row

Scaling complexity: Rx = snatch     Scaled = overhead squat

Scaling weight: Rx = 50kg deadlift  Scaled= 15kg deadlift

It is important to remember that scaling doesn’t mean you aren’t doing the workout “properly” or that you’re working any less than the rest of the class. Everyone starts scaled and as they get fitter, stronger and more skilled they progress onto the Rx versions. Many of our members have Rx workouts as part of their long term goals!

Metcon = Metabolic Conditioning 

Metcon is the term we give to workouts that are focused on metabolic conditioning, which is just a fancy word for workouts that make you huff and puff! These workouts don’t usually have anything too heavy to lift but include lots of full body movements.

EMOM = Every minute on the minute 

This is one example of how we structure some of our classes. This one is easier to give an example:

EMOM Odd = 10 x squats Even = 10 sit ups

In minute 1 you do 10 squats, if you finish in 25 seconds, you then rest for the remainder of that minute.

In minute 2 you do 10 sit ups, if you finish in 35 seconds, you then rest for the remainder of that minute.

So you start the exercise at the beginning of each minute.

AMRAP – As Many Rounds As Possible 

This is another example of how we might structure a class. In this style of class we usually have 2-3 different exercises that you rotate through. The idea is to continue the exercises again and again until you reach the time cap.


15 minute AMRAP – 15 squats, 10 sit ups, 5 push ups.

When the timer starts you would to 15 squats, 10 sit ups and 5 push ups, then 15 squats, 10 sits ups and 5 push ups, then 15 squats, 10 sit ups and 5 push ups and you would continue that same cycle again and again as many times as you can until the 15 minutes is up.


Still unsure? Our team are here to answer any of your questions. You can give us a call on (07) 3471 2802 or email us at hello@wearesisu.com.au.