Personal Training

Personal training at SiSU can be 1:1 with your coach or in small groups of up to 3 people. Our personal trainers will design a program specific to your overall health and wellness goals.

Your coach will ensure you’re moving correctly and that you understand how you should be feeling throughout each movement. This might include focusing on a particular muscle (hello glutes!) or working on your breathing.

Everyone has different goals so the benefits of personal training are different for each person too. We find people with a specific focus benefit from personal training the most. Below is a list of goals our personal trainers can help you achieve:

  • Improving your technique
  • Developing a new skill (like rope climbs or handstand push ups)
  • Maintaining motivation for your health and fitness
  • Smashing out short intense sessions when you don’t have time for a 60 minute class
  • Weight loss, weight gain or changes in body composition
  • Preparing for an event or competition
  • Changing your habits for a healthier life
Personal Training in Windsor

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