We have a CrossFit style for everyone! All of our CrossFit classes offer variations to suit each individual from beginner to advanced, from those looking to get fitter, stronger or learn high level CrossFit skills. Choose between CrossFit Perform, CrossFit Move or CrossFit ModWOD for your perfect class.

CrossFit Move

The focus is on fitness

In any of our CrossFit classes you can choose our CrossFit Move program. This program is all about training at a high intensity. CrossFit Move mixes traditional cardio exercises such as skipping, running and rowing with metabolic complexes such as jump squats and burpees and resistance training. It runs alongside our CrossFit Perform programming but offers higher repetitions and lower weights with extra bursts of cardio. A great option for beginners or those focussing on fitness.

CrossFit Perform

The focus is on variety and skill development.

In any of our CrossFit classes you can choose our CrossFit Perform program. This program is about skill development across all the elements of CrossFit. It is designed for people of all backgrounds, ages, skill and fitness levels and combines elements of weightlifting, gymnastics, functional movements and cardio. The workouts are different every day and each workout has various scaling options to cater for all levels of fitness and abilities.

CrossFit ModWOD

The focus is CrossFit for EVERY body.

We offer CrossFit ModWOD along side some of our regular CrossFit classes. This program usually follows a similar program to our CrossFit Move classes with the added benefit of an extra coach just for you*. It breaks down each class with extra explanations of movement and a specific focus on technique and good movement. We think these classes are perfect if you’re new to CrossFit or are returning from a recent injury and need to modify your workout more than what is offered in our daily scaling options.

Anusara Yoga

Yoga offered at SiSU is Anusara Yoga, a yoga focused on alignment in poses as well as the breath throughout each pose, and at the foundation of the practice is a focus on being open to grace. Yoga benefits are many, including mobility, flexibility, strength, mental health and general well-being.

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